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OPEN APRIL 8, 2013 

 “2013 Job of the Year”

Four artist-designed terrazzo floors at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s PHX Sky Train have been named “2013 Job of the Year” by the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA). The award was given to Advance Terrazzo, the Phoenix firm that produced the floors.
The Sky Train public art projects were selected from among 52 terrazzo projects nationwide. The terrazzo required more than 39,000 hours of skilled labor by workers from Advance Terrazzo.
The NTMA cited the distinct, large-scale works of public art for their “spectacular designs and graphics” and “intricate patterns and vibrant colors.” Designed by Arizona artists Anne Coe, Daniel Martin Diaz and Daniel Mayer, and former Arizonan Fausto Fernandez, they include the platform floors at the East Economy Lot, 44th Street and Terminal 4 Sky Train stations, and the pedestrian bridge that links Light Rail to the Sky Train at 44th Street. The artists worked closely with Advance Terrazzo and the Sky Train design and construction team of HOK, architects; Gannett Fleming, engineers; and the Hensel Phelps Construction Company to build the artworks as part of the Sky Train.
Phoenix’s award-winning projects and other NTMA 2013 merit winners can be viewed here:
The Sky Train’s terrazzo floors were commissioned through the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program with Aviation percent-for-art funds. The city’s Public Art Program and Aviation Department partnered over the past six years to integrate the terrazzo into the Sky Train stations.


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Fausto Fernandez
Tailplane Patterns
440 x 40’ terrazzo floor
Fabricator: Advance Terrazzo
44th Street Sky Train Station
Phoenix Arizona 

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Aviation Director Danny Murphy are proud to announce that the PHX Sky Train™ is open to the public April 8 2013.

The PHX Sky Train features six major works of public art by five artist and artist teams. The artists worked closely for five years with the project design and construction team of architects HOK, engineers Gannett Fleming, and the Hensel Phelps Construction Company. The art filling the public spaces of PHX Sky Train was made by artist working in teams with hundreds of skilled thinkers, builders and installers.

Painter Fausto Fernandez tapped his love of layered colors and mechanical shapes to design a floor inspired by the outline of an airplane’s horizontal stabilizer, known as a tailplane. Fernandez used ten colors to create the platform’s rhythmic geometric patterns and sweeping bands. He heightened the floor’s reflective qualities by adding aggregates of recycled, crushed glass and mirror.
Public Art project was commissioned by the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture Public Art Program with Aviation percent for art funds.

The Sky Train Station floor design is a repetitive composition of horizontal stabilizers from aircrafts. These stabilizers, also known as “Tailplanes,” are a small lifting surface located on the tail and serve three purposes: equilibrium, stability and control.
The outlines of the stabilizers in the design are repetitive shapes that keep a consistency and maintain symmetry as they flow into the terminal and create an illusion of linear perspective. The architecture and the windows framing the floor called for a design that would reflect the aesthetic of the barrel vault and its repetitive beams framing the structure. Built in terrazzo, the floor contains aggregates of glass and mirror that reflect light from the exterior windows. The floor consists of ten colors, black being the only color with aggregates of mirror connecting the design in one organic linear shape from one end to the other. The black line interweaves between the shapes providing a variation with the symmetry. 

Radio interview related to Phx Sky Train Station

Rebecca Blume Rothman, project manager with the city of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture. Learn more about the art that will adorn the PHX Sky Train as well as about art-related efforts at Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportThis is a great explanation of the current terrazzo floors in more detail and future floor projects including my floor (12:23)Link below

Sky Train Animation 


Flowing Overlapping Gesture, 2010
Temporary installation in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Artist Fausto Fernandez
Three-dimensional painting
Site-specific artwork for Scottsdale Waterfront
Commissioned by Scottsdale Public Art
Technical design by Shane Henson, Tempe
Foam cutting by All Dimensions Foam, Mesa
Project generously supported in part by Erik Reinhard
and All Dimensions Foam, Rusty James II and Mesa Plumbing

Fausto Fernandez, Short documentary of "Flowing overlapping gesture, 2010"

Ground breaking was our partnership with SRP and with the public interaction generated around the canal. We would like to thank all those who participated and contributed to the artwork and event.

Please visit Scottsdale Public Art for more information on all Public Art project.

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Photograph by Marilyn Szabo #4-11. Available 20x24

Photograph by Marilyn Szabo #6-11. Available 20x24